National Development Foundation of St. Vincent & the Grenadines
"Achieving Success"

Striving to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence!


About Us

NDFSVG was incorporated on 26th October, 1983 as a private non-profit development organization.  Its main purpose is to promote self-help development among the less privileged sectors.    The main purpose of the Foundation is to promote self-help development among the less privileged sectors primarily through the provision of credit, technical assistance and training in the initiation and/or development of owner managed enterprises.

While employment and income generation is our main goal, NDFSVG also work to develop a greater sense of self-worth and an understanding of fundamental human values among its clients.

NDFSVG seeks to improve the small business environment by advocating and promoting changes in the institutional arrangements for micro and small enterprise development in St. Vincent.

NDFSVG believes in the importance of collaboration and the networking with other related organizations in joint initiatives, which serve to advance our overall purpose.  While preserving its non-governmental status and non-partisan approach to issues, the NDF seeks to work closely with government to realize common objectives.

In its own policies and operations the Foundation strives to be driven by efficiency, integrity and is ever aware of the position of public trust.