National Development Foundation of St. Vincent & the Grenadines
"Achieving Success"

Striving to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence!



As traditional financial institutions become more involved in small business financing, the issue of business support,  a vital element in ensuring success of clients projects, has not been adequately addressed.   The National Development Foundation firmly believes that the provision of business support, coupled with credit is critical to the success of small and micro businesses.   As such, we seek to fill this void with our Business Support Center (BSC).

Through its extensive experience in the delivery of credit, the Foundation has identified  a number of  weaknesses which cause projects to fail.  Among these are:

  • Inconsistencies in the supply of goods and serves
  • Improper costing of goods and services
  • Lack of proper accounting records and systems
  • Lack of proper standards
  • Inadequate entrepreneurial skills
  • Attitudinal problems
  • Literacy

The establishment of the BSC will strengthen and enhance our clients businesses by providing services to:-

  • ensure that efficient managements practices are maintained. 
  • ensure proper accounting records are kept.
  • provide clerical support.
  • improve forecasting techniques.
  • improve quality and standards.
  • market assessments.
  • effect personnel based on requirements.
  • hands on assistance on technical matters.
  • provide technical information packages related to new and improved technology.

The BSC offers services under three broad headings. 

  • ·        Business Management Training and Entrepreneurial Development

In collaboration with the Training Officer and the Projects Officer the client's needs are assessed.  This is communicated to the center through the Training Officer who organizes workshops/seminars in that particular area.   

  • ·    Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance is provided through the various organisations with which the Foundation has strategic alliances as well as in-house technical expertise.        

  • ·       Management Accounting Center

      The Management Accounting Center handles

  • Accounting and Record Keeping

  • Counselling

  • Market Advice and Information

  • Production and Quality Analysis

  • Human Resource Management