National Development Foundation of St. Vincent & the Grenadines
"Achieving Success"

Striving to Achieve Entrepreneurial Excellence!


Training is a key component in our drive to encourage/facilitate Small Business Development.

This is particularly important as we compete for limited opportunities in an emerging open global economy. The NDF believes that effort must be placed on creating a skilled and efficient workforce that is pro-active and creative.  


Why do we train?

  • We train to motivate
  • We train to create new job opportunities
  • To meet the demands of the marketplace
  • To introduce new goods and services
  • To increase competency in the workplace
  • To impart knowledge and skills.


Training Courses

  • Small business Development/Entrepreneurship
  • Customer Relations Services
  • Personal Development
  • Non-formal skills Training


We believe that the persons who are successful in small business are those who are provided with training and are willing to form partnerships. Persons who are receptive  in these type of assistance are the one who perform the best, both in the efficiency of their enterprises and in returns on their investments.

At the NDF, we are prepared to work with our clients to ensure efficiency and standards.